About Codepond

Codepond is a central repository of code snippets and notes that solves our problems as programmers. It's integrated in our daily workflows and it enables us to learn and remember solutions efficiently.

Problems we solve

The world is in need of more programmers and people with the ability to steer machines. Enabling more people to learn and more efficiently program creates a big impact on human society and the worlds total Gross Domestic Product.

There are a number of ways to create a flow and thereby happiness and well being within the programming community. The ways Codepond works helps programmers to:

  • Learn new languages, libraries and frameworks
  • Not having to repeatedly waste time on looking up previously realised solutions
  • Not having to switch context while looking for solutions

In other words, we aim to help programmers to learn and remember solutions to code problems.

For us as programmers, the word problem is something positive. A problem exists to be solved and that's when the fun begins. Especially when you have the right tools and solutions for it.

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